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Rose gold jewelry is definitely a trend you will be seeing for this 2023 season. Even though it is not as popular as white or yellow gold, it is a great addition to your jewelry collection. Rose gold jewelry trends for this year include modern adaptations of more classic jewelry styles. Rose gold has always been considered more trendy, so you can feel confident that these pieces will give you the jewelry update you are looking for.

Rose gold also looks fantastic next to white gold, so there is no need to choose your new trendy pieces over your older items - you can wear them together! When buying rose gold jewelry online, you typically have two options, 14K or 18K rose gold. 18K often tends to look a bit more "pink" than the 14K so it really just depends on your preference and budget. From bezel set fancy cuts, to floating diamond hoops, there is a style for everyone looking to get in on these rosy-toned trends.

2023 Rose Gold Necklace Trends

We start off with this particular necklace from Blue Nile because it perfectly embodies the jewelry trends for 2023. The old elegance of the emerald cut with the trendiness of rose gold is the perfect combination and will be seen all over this year. The necklace is simple enough to be worn with a t-shirt or as the perfect base to layer multiple necklaces.

You cannot think of a better combination than pink and rose gold! If you didn't know, diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow, including pink. The standard solitaire pendant has been reimagined with this lab-grown pink diamond solitaire set into rose gold. You really get the best of both worlds with the fun color and brilliance of the diamond, making this a fresh and unexpected choice.

Station necklaces have been around for quite some time. This is a more modern take on that style of necklace where these diamonds are prong-set rather than set into a bezel. These necklaces are nice because all the movement attracts light for tons of sparkle and often come with an adjustable chain so you can wear it on its own or layer with other necklaces. The rose gold is also perfect because it is easy to mix and match it with the other metal colors.

2023 Rose Gold Earring Trends

Many people think of old and dated when they think of pearls. However, in recent years, they have gone through a bit of resurgence and are showing up all over the runways. Pearls in rose gold look especially rich because the gold picks up and accentuates the rosy tone of the pearls. Add some asymmetrical diamonds to the mix and you will find yourself reaching for these earrings all year long!

Reimagined florals are also trending this year. It may seem like an obvious choice for spring but unique adaptations of the "fresh" look are all the rage. The placement of the rose gold metal detailing highlights the diamonds and offers something different than the standard diamond hoop.

The floating diamond trend has grown in popularity over the past few years in rings and has begun to move to other jewelry items as well. These single prong or "floating diamond" hoops in rose gold are the perfect way to wear this sparkly trend in a reimagined and updated way.

2023 Rose Gold Ring Trends

Personalization and expressions have really made their way into jewelry more and more. If you aren't ready to jump headfirst into displaying your kids' names on your neck, consider a more subtle option like this "love" ring. The script is elegant and simple and the rose gold makes a statement. The rose gold shows off a softer side and perfectly captures the sentiment of the ring.

As consumers look for bigger and bolder this year, there is also a shift to really focus on the little details. And this ring is a perfect embodiment of that. The vine design is fresh and you can tell that great detail went into the stylized look of the ring and the small milgrain around the edge. The rose gold also adds a softness to the overall look which really ties into the sweetness of the ring.

After spending last year without anywhere to wear your jewelry, many people are gravitating towards big and bold statement jewelry. This show-stopping marquise and round brilliant diamond ring is the perfect accessory the next time you are able to venture out for a night on the town. The bypass band and vine detailing also naturally elongate your finger for an elegant look.

Twists continue to remain popular in both the engagement space and in daily jewelry. These tight twists look especially good in rose gold because of their contrast with the diamond. No matter if you have diamonds on one or both of the twists, they are perfect as an addition to a ring stack. The twist adds a bit of texture neck to a traditional diamond band or even next to your engagement ring.


When looking at 2023 jewelry trends, rose gold is a great option for a quick update to your jewelry wardrobe. The softness of the color mixes and matches well with white and yellow gold and looks great on a variety of skin tones. The modernized styles that are popular this year are perfect for layering and can easily be incorporated into your daily styles. It can be easy to stay on budget and on-trend for this season as there truly is a style and budget out there for everyone when buying rose gold jewelry online.

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