Five Fantastic San Diego Divorce Lawyers + San Diego Family Law Court Info (2023)

Need a great family lawyer in San Diego? These San Diego-based divorce law firms are some of the top ones you may want to consider to help you resolve your family law issue:-

5. Sachdev Legal Group, APC – San Diego Compassionate Divorce Lawyers

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“At the Sachdev Legal Group, APC, we know that this can be tough to do. That’s why we strive to provide our clients with compassionate and understanding legal advice and support throughout the entire legal process.

Our law firm is dedicated to finding the most amicable path forward in your San Diego family law dispute. We will advocate for your interests and fight to do what you believe is in your family’s best interest – without aggression or hostility.

Our law firm is led by a Certified Family Law Specialist and skilled divorce mediator – which means that we are experts in family law disputes. In turn, we’ll craft arguments that are persuasive because they’re fully supported by the law, not tactics reliant on manipulation that will just stir the pot.”

G Reviews Rating:5/5 from 26 Reviews as of 2022/2023

Client Testimonials:“These ladies are awesome they work as a team to get results and I’m happy to say I got great results! Thank you ladies for all the help during a very difficult time in my life! 🙏🏻” -Rojo Devo

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4. The Law Offices of Andrea Schneider – San Diego Family Law & Divorce Lawyer

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“I will strategize with you and develop a game plan that will help you achieve your goals, to ensure you get through this difficult time as smoothly, compassionately, and cost-efficiently as possible. I can protect your rights through collaborative advocacy to ensure you get through this difficult time as smoothly, compassionately, and cost-efficiently as possible.”

G Reviews Rating:5/5 from 93 Reviews as of 2022/2023

Client Testimonials:“Andrea is someone I highly respect and trust. She offered me excellent advice on a legal issue and helped me immensely. She is aggressive, compassionate and listens. I highly recommend her and wouldn’t hesitate to call her.” -Michelle Harvey

3. San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law

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  • Our firm specializes in mediation. We don’t do anything else. Our mediators are highly trained family law mediators.
  • We can offer mediation that is custom-tailored to suit any type of matter or situation due to our extensive training and experience.
  • We provide you access to mediators experienced in a variety of professions including legal, financial, mental health, and coaching.
  • Creative solutions to all financial and family-related issues in divorce.
  • Free consultation to decide if mediation is right for you.
  • A private and comfortable setting.
  • Flexible meeting times include mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends.
  • Fair pricing.
  • Mediation in English or Spanish.”

G Reviews Rating:5/5 from 89 Reviews as of 2022/2023

Client Testimonials:“Scott did a great job being a mutual mediator. very professional. Thank You.” -Jeff D.

2. Prager Jones – San Diego Divorce & Family Lawyers

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“Exclusively Family Law

Prager Jones practices exclusively Divorce and Family Law in San Diego, California. We handle a limited number of cases to ensure that your legal matter receives the attention it deserves. Our mission is to help you through the family law process and on to the next chapter in your life.

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We focus on what the issues are and solve them quickly. While cost-effectively delivering the best possible results. Whether the case is high-conflict, uncontested, or in mediation, our experienced counsel is essential to ensuring the bestpossible result.

CallPrager Jonesin San Diego orsend us an emailto arrange for an in-person, phone, or virtual consultation.”

G Reviews Rating:5/5 from 34 Reviews as of 2022/2023

Client Testimonials:“Highly recommend Prager and Jones. I saw a couple of folks on yelp mentioned slow communication but my experience was pretty speedy responses to everything. Steve and Morgan were both very professional. Friendly supporting staff. Reasonable rates. Didn’t feel like I was being put on the back burner.” -Mike Walecka

1. Gold Divorce & Family Law Attorneys of San Diego

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“The legal needs of different individuals vary depending on the situation. At our family law firm, we understand this and are proud to offer a wide range of legal services to meet the unique needs of each and every family that we represent.

We have experience handling all types of family law matters, including divorce, legal separation, child custody and visitation, child support and spousal support, guardianship, and domestic violence restraining orders. No matter what your family law issue may be, we are here to provide you with the experienced, compassionate, and knowledgeable representation you need.

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We are committed to fighting for the best interests of our clients and their families. If you are facing a family law issue, we encourage you to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.”

G Reviews Rating:5/5 from 104 Reviews as of 2022/2023

Client Testimonials:“Great group of lawyers! Helped me with my major car accident case and provided outstanding service. Definitely recommended for anyone seeking a personal injury attorney.” -Alexis Hollins

What are some of the main Divorce Courts in San Diego and how do you get divorced there?

What are the primary divorce courts in San Diego, California, and how can you get divorced there? You must submit your case with the court, follow their rules, and fill out any state or local forms that are required. A San Diego child custody lawyer can assist you in understanding the essential documentation. The San Diego divorce court will accept your forms and provide a case number once you have filed your case.

The clerk of court in San Diego County will stamp and file the papers before proceeding to determine custody orders and complete your divorce. In California, an underlying action must be filed before proceeding to divorce court.

A child custody attorney in San Diego can assist you in meeting all of these standards and understanding what is expected of you throughout the process. Your attorney can assist you in ensuring that all paperwork are correctly filed with the clerk of court and that they are stamped in order for the court to accept them.

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You will proceed to the divorce courts in San Diego to complete your divorce. To start the conventional divorce process, one of the parties files divorce papers with their local court, which is usually the county court. The person filing is known as the petitioner, while the other spouse is known as the respondent. The petitioner pays the requisite filing fees and then files a petition for divorce.

The process begins after the petition is submitted, and a final judgement may be issued once all concerns are settled. Some San Diego courts allow one party to file all of the papers without the assistance of their spouse; however, it is strongly advised that both parties have legal representation during this procedure if possible.

The court will typically handle most aspects of your divorce proceedings, including the settlement of child custody and visitation, requests for temporary court orders, support for child custody and visitation, restraining orders, requests for temporary orders from one spouse to another (such as spousal or child support), and even requests for one spouse to pay the other’s attorney fees.

Need Help With Your Family Law Issue?

Need help with obtaining the best legal advice for your circumstances or want to ask a free question? Get in touchhereand we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

For Law Firms & Lawyers in San Diego – Want to get listed?

If you’re based in San Diego and think your law firm or your lawyers deserve to be listed, get in touchhereand we’ll be happy to consider you.

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